Inspeed Global & Revotips sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding ISO 27001 Data Security Management Systems

Inspeed Global & Revotips sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding ISO 27001 Data Security Management Systems.

As part of its global diversification, Inspeed Global signed a memorandum of understanding with Cyber Security Leaders Revotips.

Revotips, led by Mr. Roland Abi Najem, is a Cyber Security Consultancy and Solution provider leader. Based in Kuwait and in Lebanon, Revotips offers various solutions to clients in the MENA Region. Revotips are also famous for their digital transformation consultancy, solutions and implementation.

Chief Executive officer Mr. Roland Abi Najem has become a figure in the cyber security and digital transformation thought leadership. He is constantly hosted by major TV stations from several regions of the world to talk about blockchain technologies, the crypto world and cyber security.

TV news channels like Al Arabiya, BBC, Skynews Arabia, MTV Lebanon and others frequently conduct interviews with Mr. Abi Najem to help create the needed awareness regarding web 3.0 , hacking, digital transformation and other topics.

Inspeed Global, the worldwide conformity assessment body that is famous for providing Proficiency Testing Services, Quality Management Systems , Personnel Certifications and ISO Inspeed Software; a fully automated solution for the ISO 9001 standard reached out to Revotips for collaboration in the ISO 27001 Data Security Management System standard.

As a provider for different quality management system certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and other, Inspeed Global is building collaboration with leaders in the industries revolving around these standards.

The collaboration in brief gives Revotips the exclusive rights to qualify any company against ISO 27001 for future certification by Inspeed Global.

The countries that will be part of this partnership are Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Iraq. The choice of countries is based on Revotips’ strong presence and integration.

The agreement also states that Inspeed Global will cooperate with Revotips on raising awareness on all cyber security and digital transformation related information through Webinars, events and content sharing.

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