5 Tips for Better Work-Health balance in Ramadan

08-04 2021

5 Tips for Better Work-Health balance in Ramadan. (Fit for Ramadan)


1. Coffee intake optimization

Start now, consume less coffee during the last week and get yourself ready, you’ll have less headaches and better awake time


2. Reshuffle your working times

Especially if you are working from home. Let your down time be for organizing your schedule, replying to simple emails or for content consumption. (podcasts, blog articles and YouTube). When you feel that your energy is at its best, start doing the more complicated things. For example, put the outline of the presentation when you are a bit tired and then work on your presentation when you’re energetic enough. Same goes for writing, site the resources and do the actual writing later on.


3. Ramadan Sales & Marketing Tactics:

If you are selling a Ramadan-fit product or service (Food, Clothes, Kitchen Accessories) start your marketing now.Focus on Heavy Awareness on features and prices, sell the whole Ramadan experience and a couple of days after Ramadan starts, work on conversions through paid ads, push notifications, sales promotions). If you are selling a non-Ramadan-related item, also take into consideration the amount of times people who fast feel that they have nothing to do or no energy to do anything, so they hit their phones, tablets and laptops and consume content. Make sure you serve simple content, entertaining and with an Awareness Hook. Serve the content that will make them screenshot, save, or share (for later). Then during Eid, when your prospects are in celebration mood and in high spending behaviors, get those ads moving and start your conversions.


4. Fit for Ramadan and after Ramadan.

If you’re a gym-er or a someone who practices soccer, basketball or any type of sport on regular basis, you need to pay attention not to completely stop your physical activities during Ramadan; it will be harder to catch up after Ramadan and Eid (35 days later). Try performing normal walks (before Iftar time), minor sports for fun before or after iftar time, you can even hit the gym and perform a good  25-30 minutes of cardiovascular activities without sweating too much. This will keep you fit for after Ramadan


5. Don’t mess up your sleeping hours:

It is pretty natural that with fasting and probably different working hours that your sleeping habits undergo alteration. This doesn’t mean you should completely switch your habits for 30 days, it will be hard to get back to the waking up at 6 or 7 am club. Indeed at some points your body will feel exhausted and will oversleep on a weekend, but try not to make it a habit to sleep at 4 am and wake up at 12:00 noon every day. That is definitely not good for focus, creativity and physical well-being.


5 Tips for Better Work-Health balance in Ramadan