7 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

08-10 2021

7 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

You already know how vital it is to stay hydrated for your body and mind, but why is it so critical to get a certain amount?

Well, according to Jaclyn London, RD, head of nutrition and health at WW in New York City, water makes up around 60% of the body, and evidence from the US Geological Survey, a government institution, backs her up.

Water is engaged in a variety of tasks since it is such a large component of your makeup, according to Ryan Andrews, RD, principal nutritionist and adviser at Precision Nutrition in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Water, for example, dissolves and transports other chemicals throughout the body, aids metabolic events, lubricates tissues such as the eyes and joints, regulates body temperature, boosts metabolism, and so on.


7 Ways to Drink More Water

1.  Consider Adding Flavor To Your Water

Let’s admit; water sometimes isn’t the most appealing beverage. When we’re hot and fatigued, and our willpower is low, reaching for a can of soda or a glass of wine can seem far more appealing, beverages that will only dehydrate our bodies worse in the long term.

However, by adding modest amounts of flavor to your water, you may transform it from a boring drink into an interesting and refreshing delight.

Simply soak your water in your favorite fruit or vegetable to make a beautiful glass of flavored water. Consider adding additional herbs for a flavor boost if you really want to kick it up a notch.


2.  Opt For Water-Rich Foods In Your Diet

Water isn’t the sole way to stay hydrated. Cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, blueberries, and apricots are examples of fruits and vegetables with high water content.

These foods are not only high in water, but they also have a variety of other health-promoting aspects and are essential for a well-balanced and varied diet.

You may significantly increase your daily hydration by taking tiny steps like adding a handful of blueberries to your salad or preparing spaghetti with roasted zucchini.


7 Ways to Drink More Water

3.  Track Your Daily Water Intake

“What gets measured, gets managed,” Peter Drucker recommends in his famous corporate management book The Practice of Management, published in 1954. The same can be said of our health.

The first step in making sure you’re getting enough water is to keep track of how much you’re drinking. We all know there’s a difference between how much water we think we drink on a daily basis and how much we actually drink.

By developing a measurement technique, you are gaining control over your personal water usage and increasing your knowledge of your water consumption habits.

The simple act of measuring will encourage you to drink more water regularly. There are a variety of excellent water measuring applications available right now. Daily Water Tracker and Hydro Coach are two apps that we suggest.


4.  Try a Water Purifier to Improve Taste of Water

Purchasing a water purifier is a method that can assist you in increasing your water use in two ways. Water filters provide cleaner, sharper, and more attractive water at the most basic level.

The human mind is wired to consume more of what tastes good and less of what doesn’t. Make your water as tasty and enticing as possible to increase your chances of staying hydrated.

However, by purchasing a water filter, you are purchasing a new system, which can make forming a new habit easier. We are routine and ritual beings, which is important to remember if we wish to change our habits.

By setting up a system of water filtration, we are encouraged to drink more water and give a huge psychological boost to our new habits.


5.  Drink Water After Taking Shower

The more routines and rituals we can develop to encourage our drinking habits, the better we integrate a water filtration system. You may add another routine to your roster of hydration boost technology with a restroom as a signal that it is time to drink another glass of water.

This will eventually become a habit you don’t have to take into account. When you call from nature, your hydration habit becomes naturally a time to drink a glass of water.


7 Ways to Drink More Water

6. Flourish Each Day with Water

If your days are so stressful, that you hardly get to drink water, try booking with some H2O every day to take away the burden, suggested registered autumn dietician Ehsaei from North Carolina.

Taking a few glasses in the morning and a few more once you get out of the clock ensures that your body gets good water and puts you closer to the final goals.


7. Add Extra Ice to Your Drinks

If you find that water alone is a yawn, adding lots of ice to your drinks and smoothies is an easy way to hydrate, a licensed nutritionist in Florida, Maryann Walsh says.

You add approximately half a cup of water to your drink by putting just four cubes of ice into a glass – and your taste buds hardly perceive it.



Hydration is crucial, as we all know. But intellectually comprehending this fact and practically integrating the routine are two different things. For many, they expect that only by force of will can they drink more water.

But we don’t know how to best develop new behaviors. You may put up a system that can genuinely encourage this new healthy behavior, by using the five basic strategies.

Drinking more water all day long will lead to more complete, healthier, and active existence. Water is the source of many lives on earth. You will dramatically increase your quality of life, health, and happiness by integrating hydration practice deeper into your everyday routine.


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