Best 10 Project Management Tools

04-10 2021

Best 10 Project Management Tools

When there are seemingly numerous possibilities, it might be challenging to select a project management solution for you. But explore the top Best 10 project management tools, before you select a project management tool at random due to dissatisfaction or lack of time for study.

In this post, you will find out how these tools work, their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, what they cost.


Best 10 Project Management Tools

1. Trello

In the project management industry, Trello is a popular selection. The cards, lists, and boards are artistically pleasing and are known for their pleasant use. Trello is an easy, free, flexible and visual method to handle and organize your tasks, and millions of people across the world trust it.


This tool is amazing because it contains limitless personal boards, ten team boards, and automation as a free project management tool. The Business class price is $9.99 per user month and offers additional admin options and security features. You also have a business level for bigger teams.



2. Asana

Asana is the appropriate program for project management to verify. Asana is a leader in the organization and management of teams throughout, from small projects to significant undertakings. In 195 countries, the company comprises around 60,000 paying companies.


Asana has four levels: Basic, Premium, Enterprise, and Business. More robust management features are unlocked in every stage. Basic is a free tool, however, Premium’s monthly feature is $10.99 per user for timelines, private teams, and projects. The operational value is $24.99 a month and includes useful features such as the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud and its portfolios. The company is the largest level, but for prices, you have to contact them.



3. Basecamp

Basecamp is regarded as a veteran of software projects and a trustworthy solution for large projects. If you are interested in tried and true software, it is a fantastic alternative. Basecamp is a high method of working.


Basecamp offers a free tool for project management, which lets you work in a limited capacity with project management software. Business level Basecamp is $99 a month but offers unlimited projects, users, customers, businesses, and 500 GB of storage and other sophisticated capabilities.



4. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based, versatile project management solution that provides a solid way for you to work together more effectively and to connect with teams in every business easily. It was developed by Wrike, Inc., a California provider of project management services.


Wrike is accessible free of charge for a small team of up to 5 people and enterprises requiring projects and cooperation ranging from $49 to $99 per month, it is a professional membership. Prices are however available on request for the Enterprise edition and rely mostly on company size and needs.


Gantt Chart

5. Gantt Chart

It is open-source software, which enables its users to determine the workflow problem areas, for enterprises to set their objectives. These diagrams can also be used to monitor movements or duties, holidays, and any other form of work outside the office.

In terms of both functionality and intricacy, the Gantt Project is sometimes contrasted with the Microsoft Project. This management software helps users to construct a defined calendar for each project fast while simultaneously giving task management and milestone delivery.


Gantt offers four different memberships that include a single user for $15 a month, a monthly one user for five members, $7.90 a month, a monthly one $7.90 per user, a monthly one $6.90 per ten members, and a month for the last 15 members $5.90 per user.



6. AceProject

AceProject is a highly web-based project monitoring program to handle activities, schedules, documents, and expenses. It was designed as a free task organizer by the Canadian Web systems business in 2001 and distributes SaaS and software on-site. This software supports portfolio management, spending management, documents, and HR management in addition to project management.

It is a complete solution for the project management of individuals, teams, and businesses. This application is already used by companies such as AT&T, Goodyear, Panasonic, IBM, and Toyota.


AceProject is available at various expenses from 100% free to $99 a month. The schemes available include Basic (free), Standard ($19/month), Advanced ($39/month), Silver and Gold ($99/month).



7. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management platform built on the cloud utilized by top companies such as Taco Bell, Accord, and Fractal Fox. It offers a quick, easy-to-grasp UI that lets the teams work efficiently. ProofHub is a wonderful tool that allows your employees to assign different roles and allows employees to access this service in a specified way.


ProofHub is available in two different versions – Ultimate and Essential. Essential comes at 50$ per month with 40 projects and 15GB storage and includes unlimited user access. Ultimate Control also includes unrestricted access but an annual charge of $99 per month is charged for unlimited projects, 100 GB of storage, customized functionality, and other key features.



8. ClickUp

ClickUp is a new solution designed for all sectors and teams of all sizes. It concentrates on effective task management. It is a completely customized application that makes it a tool to keep design and development in one location.


There are two price-free and premium choices for ClickUp. Infinite, unlimited tasks are provided in the free version, however, 100MB of storage are assigned. The Premium version has unlimited users, tasks, integration, and comprehensive reporting for $5/month.



9. WorkZone

WorkZone is a tested project management tool. All your projects can be accessed and the dashboard status checked. It’s been on the market since 2000 and everything is about functionality.


There are three pricing levels in the Workzone – team, business, and professional. The pricing varies because there are numerous options you have to choose from, for example, multiple users in each category (1-4, 5-9, 10-24, 25-99, and 100+) and months (1-3 or 3+). You can therefore choose the right WorkZone design depending on your requirements and functions in the category.



10. Scoro

Scoro is a cloud-based management application for IT, consultancy, and advertising businesses of all types. It has an easy-to-use interface with all of the capabilities in project management software you need.


Scoro has a free trial, with $22 per month, a $33 per month premium, and a $55/month final scheme. At first, you can try out the program free of charge, and then you can go to the appropriate schedule that fulfills your project or requirements.


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