IG Announces its May Proficiency Testing – PT – Programs

Dr Sameer
30-04 2020

Inspeed Global – IG – announced the Proficiency testing, PT, that will be organized in May according to 2020 previously determined agenda.

IG organizes two PT programs in construction testing: the first is Determination of California Bearing Ratio (CBR), and the second one is Density, Relative Density Specific gravity & absorption of fine aggregates. All the Construction Materials’ samples will be dispatched to our customers in 26 May 2020.

Also, IG organized three PT programs in Non-Destructive Testing – NDT –: the first one is Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination for General Industry. The second PT program is Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing. And the third PT program is Determination of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity. All the NDT samples will be dispatched to our customers in 28 May 2020.

The link to IG 2020 PT brochure is: