The Best Brain Exercises to Improve your Performance

08-11 2021

The Best Brain Exercises to Improve your Performance

Puzzles, jigsaw, chess and other problem-solving and memory games that challenge your brain aren’t only entertaining – they can bring enduring advantages. In a study conducted in 2014, brain exercises contributed to maintaining reasoning skills and cognitive quickness 10 years after the trial ended. In this article, we walked through the ways that boost your brain power and improve your performance.



The meditation practice enhances our life in numerous ways. It helps you improve your breathing habits, control emotions, and develop spiritual comfort. Your ability to concentrate grows with meditation because you focus on only one activity.

It also helps foster discipline, trust, and knowledge of ourselves — after all we often do not have time for slowing down, do we?

Meditation is also a stress remedy by helping us dispose of all the negative energy.


Do Exercises for your memory

Depending on the health of the individual, the ability to save information can decline with time. Therefore it is vital to perform exercises for the the brain as a whole.

If your memory often fails in certain situations, having an effective reasoning ability becomes pointless.

Memory training does not require highly complex workouts. To read a book and tell someone’s story, to make a mental list of your last things in the supermarket, and recall last week’s actions are all types of good memory exercises.


Learn a Different Language

It is another way to postpone the aging of the intellect. Learning can be difficult at first, but discipline will help you move forward. You improve your vocabulary by studying a new language, learning new rules, and collecting new information.


Use your Non-dominant Hand

Small modifications can train the brain better every day. Switch the way your regular activities are conducted or adjust them. You can brush your teeth, with the other hand, move the watch back to the opposite side, change the mouse location, develop tasks with eyes closed, or hit the supermarket without a shopping lis.

When we abandon our comfort zones or our repetitive habits, the brain tends to explore new thinking habits which result in unexpected outcomes like suddenly figuring out a solution for a problem or having a new out of the box idea.


Play Sudoku

Sudoku is an old logical game combining numbers and problems. This is the best solution for adventurous people who want to play with numbers. What makes it even more convenient is the fact that if you choose to do so, you can simply download the Sudoku app and train your brain for a few minutes.


Download Elevate

If you can’t get away from technology, you might use it and use mobile apps like Elevate for brain training. This app is designed to help you “increase attention, talking skills, speed of treatment, memory, mathematical skills, and more.”

Elevate helps recognize the cognitive behaviors of users and modifies the activities to meet the individual needs of each subject. This makes progress easy and results better over a shorter period of time.


Try CogniFit

CogniFit helps you enhance your cognitive fitness, as the name says. The app is designed to increase your intellectual and memory performance. The first step is to test your thinking in 23 games. CogniFit will then do an assessment and provide more challenges to increase your brain capacity.


Make a Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether you are creating a 1,000-piece Eiffel Tower image or adding up to 100 parts to produce Mickey Mouse, a puzzle task is a great approach to train your brain.

Research has demonstrated that jigsaw puzzles rely on several cognitive skills and are a protective factor for cognitive visuospatial aging. In other words, you should look at different parts and find out how they fit inside the bigger picture as you put together a puzzle. This might be a terrific approach for your brain to challenge and practice.


Play Card Games

When was the last time you’ve challenged yourself into winning a card game? Researchers who conducted an adult mental stimulus study in 201 believe fast card games can lead to increased brain volume in multiple brain regions. The same study indicated that a card game could enhance memory and thought abilities.


Learn a New Skill

Learning a new ability is not only exciting and interesting but can also aid the development of your brain’s connections.

Learning a new skill can also contribute to improving memory function in older persons.

Is there something out there that you wish you could do? Maybe you want to know how to repair your car, operate certain software, or ride a horse? Well now you have another strong incentive to learn this new ability.


Listen to or Play Music

Want a simple technique to enhance the creative strength of your brain? The answer may be in tuning into music.

According to a study in 2017, hearing pleasant melodies contributes to more imaginative solutions than staying silent. That can help increase your creative thought and brainpower by playing some wonderful music.

And now is an excellent time to start if you want to learn how to play music because you have the brain to develop new talents at any moment in your life. This is why you are never too old for a piano, a guitar or even a drum to start playing.



Studies indicate that the usual brain is about 2% of the overall body weight but that it consumes approximately 20% of total energy and oxygen. The message is plain – you have to take care of your brain when you want it in exchange.

Focus on your brain’s health and your concentration, memory and mental agility; this is the best mental investment you could do.

With the incorporation of brain training in your regular life, you will push your mind, develop your cognitive abilities, and perhaps also learn something new and enriching along the way.


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