Top 7 Productivity Applications for Good Habits

03-11 2021

Top 7 Productivity Applications for Good Habits

Productivity is a subjective concept. You can read about other people’s methods for getting things done, but productivity techniques that work for one person may not work for you or your work style.

It’s the same with productivity apps. There are so many various programs and tools to choose from, it’s critical to know exactly what you’re searching for.

You might be a good note-taker, but you have a hard time concentrating on assignments. Maybe you have a wonderful system for communicating with your teammates and contacts, but you don’t have a good method for scheduling meetings with them.

Here we have researched several things to assist you in finding out all the apps.


Todoist Karma

1.  Todoist Karma

Todoist Karma, a basic, easily useful task organizer who uses a point system in order to classify a player and inspire them to achieve targets, is the first on our list of #10. The player gains karma when the tasks are performed. The player loses karma if duties are postponed later.

Todoist Karma does an excellent job to demonstrate a player’s success over time. They offer fantastic charts and analysis showing how productive a player is. Players are encouraged to do Karma chores and enhance their charts. Players loathe losing stuff they have.


Smarty Pig

2. Smarty Pig

SmartyPig is an app that provides your buying goals to be achieved. Let’s imagine you want to get a new fridge. Well, you use the Smarty Pig system to save money from the refrigerator and then automatically deposit money into your Refrigerator account from your bank account.

You will gradually finish your progress bar until you are 100 percent complete and you can acquire this cooler free of charge.

In two ways, this app helps you 1) it drastically simplifies the savings procedure. A sensible and fiscally sound method, 2) instead of a useless bar of progress, It is a set-it-and-forget approach; You don’t just feel wonderful when you hit your target, you will look forward for your next saving challenge.


Apple Shortcuts

3. Apple Shortcuts

For everyone with an iPhone or iPad, Apple Shortcuts is among the top productivity applications. This app allows you to construct automation, i.e., a set of events when you start it.

For example, you can five the following order, “Automatically silence my phone when I get to work (based on GPS”  Another one might be, “I’m playing a morning news podcast when I stop my wake-up alarm.”

You can even design some time-saving shortcuts with this app if you know nothing about programming.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

4. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you have a hard time dictating, you should use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and increase your productivity. It is the best and precise dictation software that is out there.

The program consists of a number of various versions, which deal with specific vocabulary and forms, such as dragon law enforcement.

The Home edition is a good general usage selection. It’s not cheap, but it is by far the greatest program for dictation on the market. Give yourself a couple of days to learn to drive Dragon, and in no time you will be a master.



5. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application for a range of applications. From the list of recommended books to your personal portfolio of recipes, you can retain key ideas. You can capture notes with Evernote by writing, audio capturing, taking pictures, uploading PDFs, digital drawing, and more.

One of the benefits of Evernote’s sales is that the software looks not only in your text but also for photos of the words on photographs when you search for the word or sentence.

This implies, Evernote will find it if you snap a picture from a sign for sale and then search for “sale.” Account-holders may also search for PDFs and other documents from word occurrences that have been uploaded.

Even though we have selected Evernote rather than one to work with as a “personal productivity” software, you can surely use it with a group to exchange notes and to create and update them jointly.


Bounty Tasker

6. Bounty Tasker

Bounty Tasker brings to the next level the concept of an actual RPG. At its heart, Bounty Tasker is an all-in-one list, but its Gamification aspects really set it unique. As a player, your character is chosen and adapted and tasks are assigned, which will allow you to experience. When you acquire experience, you obtain and match your character with things.

It’s exciting how Bounty Tasker can convert your tasks into a game. Players can tailor their characters as they are leveling up and earning goods.


Productivity Challenge Timer is a Pomodoro timer which aims to help you be more productive, more focused

7. Challenge Timer

The main function: the Pomodoro method is used by Challenge Timer to split big projects into smaller, more manageable jobs. In contrast to most Pomodoro timers, Challenge Timer lacks a pause button which forces you to complete your activity in this length of time.

Challenge Timer leads users to fulfill tasks and goals, like other production apps. When you accomplish a task, the user feels pleased about their job and it is marked as  “achieved.”



We would be sitting down in an ideal world to work and finish our projects from our bottom without looking up. The truth is very different. Most of the time, a list of references and ideas are necessary to bring your work together. These tools enable you to save and use references whenever you need them.


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