What Happens When You Don’t Invest In Quality?

08-11 2021

What Happens When You Don’t Invest In Quality?

A big question that all people and companies should ask! What happens when you don’t invest in Quality? The answer is simple you pay a high price, you end up failing and hopefully learning.

The quality of work, communication and products always has compound impact on a lot of people, not necessarily those around us. A failed product can cause a problem to a client you’ve never knew off or might never meet. A lack of a good managerial system at your company might cause a lot of turn over that will only be realized at a very late stage.

In more specific terms, when you don’t invest in quality , this is what happens:

You lose clients : Wrong orders, delayed deliveries , malfunctioning materials will make your unsatisfied clients go to your competition

You lose opportunities: When you are short of a Quality Management System and ISO Certifications, you become ineligible for some international tenders

You lose dedication: Staff working in a company lacking a quality system feel less safe and less loyal and are likely to leave once they have the chance

You lose Focus: with different work accidents happening, instead of growth and development your efforts will be focused on fixing errors and customer support

You lose lives: Many unfortunate accidents at work can cause fatal injuries causing huge misfortunes for people and companies

You lose trust: With many competitors out there, the lack of a quality system will stop your clients and other stakeholders from trusting you or your products

This video shows some of the declared casualties of huge misfortunes that took place in the world due to the lack of investment in quality. Millions of other cases remain undeclared. However, one thing is for sure, when you don’t invest in quality you are one step closer to failure.

When it comes to quality, it is best to invest.

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