Product Certification

Product Certification

Inspeed Global Product Certification

Product certification from IG ensures that your products are in compliance with the regulations of the countries that you want to operate in. IG is implementing a system for product certification comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065

Product certification confirms that a product meets defined criteria and defined safety-relevant aspects. The certificate specifies the basic principles according to which a product was tested. Corresponding product marks provide customers visible proof of quality to serve as a reliable decision-making aid when choosing a product. In a glance, recognized marks are validation that product-specific quality has been checked by an independent third party. 

What do we offer?

IG offer unrivalled experience and expertise in product certification. Plus, our unique global network has accreditations to all major standards and regional regulations. As a result, we offer you comprehensive product certification for a wide range of products all over the world.

With our internationally recognized quality mark, you can easily signal the suitability, safety and high quality of your products in an effective advertising campaign.