ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

What is a standard?

 A standard indicates an accepted method of doing something. For example, stop signs are always octagonal, and this is a standard. This is the way to accept them. If you want to be creative and create a square stop sign, you will have a hard time finding a buyer for the product.


What is the ISO 9001 standard?

The ISO 9001 standard contains accepted methods for operating and improving your company. The term “quality management system” is often used in the standard. The term refers to organization’s processes that affects the end outcome of product or services, basically, it contains the whole process, everything from planning, sales up to delivery and customer service.

For every process in QMS (Quality Management System), there are rules that you must follow which you may contact Inspeed Global to assist you further with.


What are the benefits?

  • Elevating Leadership in and out of your organization.
  • Having a clear plan of outcomes and results.
  • A clear identification of risks.
  • Full scale resource management (Staff, System & Tools).
  • Creating and maintaining a clear and controlled documentation system.
  • Strong system monitoring capabilities.
  • Problem solving.
  • Performance and process improvement.
  • Path formation.
  • Recreating and planning a wider and better vision.
  • Optimizing Strengths, Threats, opportunities, weaknesses.
  • Creating Information System (System, Methodology, Data, mapping etc.)
  • Saving time money.


Who needs ISO 9001?

 ISO 9001:2015 applies to any organization, regardless of size or industry. “More than one million organizations from more than 160 countries have applied the ISO 9001 standard requirements to their quality management systems.” Any company who appreciates value, quality and customer satisfaction should invest in a Quality Management System like ISO 9001.


How to receive ISO9001 certificate?

To understand the of the ISO9001 implementation project, you must meet the requirements listed in this standard and applicable in your organization. This can be a little tough at first, but with the right exposure to guidelines and training things become much easier. There are actually abundance of consultants who can make this process not only possible but relatively easy.

To have a better understanding of ISO9001 implementation project, you may need to improve the process requirements listed in this standard, and that is why you need Conformity Assessment Bodies like Inspeed Global to guide you into the process of creating better quality into your management system.

There is a public misguidance about the fee, some may assume ISO certification is expensive but it’s not the case, paying the cost of implementation, training and receiving ISO certificate, brings long-term sustainable values for companies that surpasses the original investment made. In other terms, anyone who invests in ISO certification by meeting its standard is a winner.


Can I get more than one type of ISO certification?

Yes of course. ISO 9001 is the first step towards improving the quality management systems at your organization. From that point, you can invest in either general ISO Standards like ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems & ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management Systems or in specific industry-related certifications like ISO 222000 – Food Safety Management Systems.


Do you offer packages for more than one certification?

Yes, depending on the demand and compatibility, you may have to contact a certificate body to consult you further: Inspeed Global certificate body.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Quality Management System The ISO 9000 standards give organizations an opportunity to increase value to their activities and to improve their performance continually, by focusing on their major processes.

The standards place great emphasis on making quality management systems closer to the processes of organizations and on continual improvement. As a result, they direct users to the achievement of business results, including the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.


A few steps to ISO 9001 certification:

  1. Application/Enquiry Submits the application form to Inspeed Global (Application for Certification).
  2. Review of Application Inspeed Global reviews the application to check if the requisite services can be provided and accordingly prepares the quotation/ estimate and the contract (Certification audit contract).
  3. Audit planning Once the contract is signed, Inspeed makes the audit program and inform the client.
  4. Assessment Initial certification includes two stages assessment. Recertification includes only one stage. The assessment is carried out by the team at the sites against the applicable criteria. The report is provided to client identifying the compliance level including any nonconformities.
  5. Verification of Non-conformities Client submits the implemented or proposed action based on the classification of non-conformity. Inspeed reviews the actions.
  6. Certification Decision Inspeed takes certification decision based on the report submitted by the audit team. If decision is in favor of grant of certification, a Certificate is Issued to the client (see sample certificate).
  7. Surveillance assessment Surveillance assessment are held as per the periodicity defined and agreed. First surveillance within 12 months from the date of the stage 2 audit. Certificate is maintained based on the outcome of the surveillance audit and compliance with the requirements.
  8. Recertification Before expiry of the certificate, recertification is planned and conducted.
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems