The Top Services Inspeed Global Provides

The Top Services Inspeed Global Provides

The Top Services Inspeed Global Provides

When you work with IG, you’ll get advice and services designed to help steer your company in the proper direction. If you have a long-term growth strategy in place, your company’s future looks bright.


IG provides a full range of consulting services for businesses, allowing them to expand and succeed.

We assist companies of all sizes, from well-established multinationals to fledgling enterprises, in analyzing their environments, determining the potential threats and rewards, and making informed decisions about how to take advantage of these findings.

We’ve built a solid name for ourselves over the years in part due to the fact that we’re able to aid and advise clients in a way that leads to increased profits for their company.


Proficiency Testing

Laboratory proficiency testing is used to gauge how well different labs perform on a range of different tests and measurements.

Competence assessment is also known as an inter-laboratory comparison. Competency testing, as the name suggests, is a comparison of the results acquired by several laboratories.


In accordance with ISO/IEC 17043:2010, PJLA (a US accrediting authority) has accredited IG as a PT provider, and IG fulfills its clients’ PT needs by providing the programs detailed in its annual plan as well as creating individualized plans per their specifications.


Personnel Certification

A certified workforce is one whose members have demonstrated mastery of essential skills and knowledge. Earning a certification requires studying hard and passing tests or demonstrating competence in the workplace. Recertification at regular times is necessary to help guarantee that knowledge and abilities are up to date.


Management System Certification

An organization’s ability to innovate and succeed in the marketplace is reflected in the quality of its management systems, the caliber of its employees, and the breadth of its internal resources that have been certified as meeting specific standards (such as performance indicators).


Inspeed Global provides the following solutions in that matter: ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System, Medical Devices, Social Responsibility & Sustainability, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Education, ISO 27001 – Data Security Information System, Health & Safety, Cosmetics & Pharma, and Textile.


Product Certification

The CASCO committee, which oversees all conformity assessment activities, drafted ISO/IEC 17065. This standard ensures that organizations who accredit businesses, services, and procedures are guided to do so with complete knowledge, uniformity, openness, and objectivity.


The following types of products can get product certification from IG: food, consumer, electrical, safety, construction, automotive, mechanical, and machinery.



By education, training, and certification, we aim to raise people’s consciousness about the importance of adhering to high quality standards in all aspects of life and work. Because of our dedication to quality, we are able to assist people in achieving their professional and personal goals, thereby raising the bar for everyone.


Inspeed Global’s goal during these trying times has been to make life easier for its customers. While it’s true that time off has become a luxury, there are still ways to boost productivity and satisfaction in the workplace and beyond.


IG’s focus is encapsulated by this way of thinking. Every kind of quality matters to us, and we strive to maintain that standard.

Our ISO consultancy, training, and certification on the one hand, and our focused content on the other, will help people better adjust to the aforementioned uncertainties in their personal and professional lives.

By contributing our knowledge, skills, and most importantly, our strong dedication to providing and enhancing quality standards, we hope to play a role in making the world a better place by raising the quality of work and life for individuals and institutions. Because of this need for improved quality, Inspeed Global was born.

For our highest quality services and business solutions, contact us.


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