Top Tips to Improve Student Experience Via ISO 21001

Top Tips to Improve Student Experience Via ISO 21001

Top Tips to Improve Student Experience Via ISO 21001

Improving the higher education student experience shouldn’t be a band-aid solution or a temporary focus. If you want to keep your students enrolled and your attrition rates low, you need to regularly optimize their learning environment.


If you want to provide a better learning environment for your students, consider implementing our following suggestions.


Get Creative

Taking care of students is crucial to their success in school and happiness while they are there.

While most people probably anticipate week-long awareness campaigns for a specific issue (like mental health), you can still engage them by coming up with unconventional approaches.


Provide Ways for Alums to Stay Involved

A recent survey conducted by Randstad found that nearly half of all students have considered abandoning their studies. Financial difficulties, isolation, homesickness, and job insecurity were all factors in their consideration of suicide.

Providing opportunities for alumni involvement is beneficial in the latter case.


Understandably, students are worried about what will happen next. Is it likely that they will complete their degrees?

To what extent will they be able to find work that suits them? Will they be able to make a living in this profession?

For students to get a sense of their own potential, it’s important to connect them with those who have achieved great things after attending their institution.


Students are more likely to stay engaged and focused on their goals if they are given the opportunity to voice their concerns, receive constructive criticism and suggestions, and feel at ease in the classroom.


Boost Communication by Means of Virtual Discussion Groups

In a classroom setting like a class, seminar, or workshop, not all students will raise their hands or speak up. They feel safer expressing their views openly and candidly in private or behind a computer screen.

Make use of the internet to create a forum where students who share similar interests can connect and talk about things that are important to them outside of the classroom.


Students benefit from online forums because it allows them to learn at their own pace, build closer bonds with peers in group projects, and share knowledge in an environment that is most conducive to them.

Participants in online discussions like these have also been shown to have higher test scores.


Make a public announcement about your platform. More frequent use of such a site by students has the potential to encourage camaraderie among them.


Honor Differences

Whether they are members of a racial or ethnic minority or come from low-income households, all students at your institution deserve equal access to the full range of services and opportunities your institution has to offer.


Make sure they have a real shot at success when they enter the workforce by concentrating on ways to aid their progress to graduation using your university’s tools and resources.

You should also consider factors outside of the classroom that may have an impact on their education.


One area where higher education institutions can do more is combating hate crimes. According to a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, nearly a quarter of ethnic minority students have experienced racial harassment on campus.

According to a survey conducted by the National Union of Students a year earlier, one-third of Muslim students had been the victim of a hate crime while attending college.


You should extend special assistance to members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Offices specifically devoted to helping students of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities are one way to do this.

To get a true picture of the institution’s sense of community, the climate of support for individual well-being, and openness to new perspectives, regular surveys should be administered.


Take Note of Comments and Use Them

The opinions of students should play a significant role in shaping their educational experience.

Offering a forum where students can voice their concerns and suggestions can help higher education institutions make improvements to their student’s educational experiences.


You can conduct polls via email or the student portal, as well as online platforms like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms. It’s a great way to get a sense of the student’s overall impressions of the course, as well as their worries and enthusiasms.


The next step after gaining this knowledge is to put it into practice. Apply useful feedback to enhance the learning environment and demonstrate your dedication to implementing student-requested changes.


Provide ISO 21001 Certified Education

The goal of the ISO 21001 standard is to guarantee that students have access to the best possible education. ISO 21001’s credibility as an impartial evaluation of a school’s quality will grow over the next few years.

Because of this, it is beneficial for any organization that provides education and training to have its education management evaluated against the standard.

There are many advantages to using ISO 21001 EOMS, including:


  • Having ISO 21001 certification allows you to better serve all students, including those with unique learning requirements, by providing them with a more streamlined and efficient set of educational services.
  • Organizations in the education sector can benefit from ISO 21001 because it increases learner productivity, safety, and well-being while also ensuring that students receive the quality of education that they deserve.
  • Improve your company’s credibility and edge in the market with the help of efficient EOMS and a focus on the student.
  • For long-term success, implement an effective EOMS to solve the biggest problems in the academic world and improve your ability to evaluate and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Improve company morale and public perception with the help of an internationally recognized certificate.



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