Top Tips to Use ChatGBT in Business

Top Tips to Use ChatGBT in Business

Top Tips to Use ChatGBT in Business

The way we do business is rapidly evolving as a result of chatbot software like ChatGPT.

Since its release last November, the language processing app has been adopted by almost half of US businesses, and surveys show that the vast majority of these organizations want to increase their usage of the app in the coming months (93%).


Its meteoric rise, though, should come as no surprise. Putting aside philosophical and ethical concerns, the AI-powered tool has limitless potential for competitive businesses. As the chatbot may react to any input from a person, the sky’s the limit.


We walked through the poll of companies across several different industries to learn how they are using ChatGPT in the workplace.

We also researched employees to gather their thoughts on the app’s popularity and any concerns they may have about its potential impact on the future of work.


How are Companies Making Use of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has a wide range of potential uses, from data analysis to administrative support. Here are the top tips examples of how OpenAI’s revolutionary app is being put to use in today’s industries.


1. To contact customer support

For decades, chatbots have been a helpful tool for automating processes within customer care departments. But now that ChatGPT has made AI more accessible, organizations are employing the technology to perform even more sophisticated customer care tasks.


The CEO of Parker Marker, Parker Heyn, utilizes the software to handle customer service enquiries and monitor statistics in real time. Heyn stated he was able to “save time and maximize efficiency” by adapting his company’s operations to the new system since he could process customer data much more rapidly and correctly than before.


Ncctting Tools’ Farhan Advani also makes use of chatbots for this purpose. Advani argues that by doing this, his company is able to more quickly and properly identify information in response to consumer inquiries.


2. Reduce external communication bottlenecks

You can also use ChatGPT to simplify your communication processes. Alice Wi, of the public relations firm Mind Meld PR, utilizes ChatGPT to modify material for use in social media posts, blogs, and emails.

To be more specific, she used the program to generate a coherent and original piece of writing, to which she then adds “flavor, additional details, and personal touches” of her own.


I think it’s a great resource for any company of any size that needs fresh material for its website, social media pages, or promotional efforts. Alice Wi, PR Associate at Mind Meld PR, says, “Our marketing materials have been turned around quite quickly.”


Wi recommends ChatGPT for small enterprises and even provides some helpful hints for those who are just starting out. She cautions, “you don’t want to mistakenly post anything controversial, or make promises you can’t meet,” so it’s important to verify everything it spits out before sharing it.


3. Used for Coding

The software industry is buzzing about ChatGPT. A data engineer from Detroit turns to the chatbot whenever he’s at a loss. He stated, “If you know how to give right prompts, it can help you with code logic, syntax mistakes, and even change code from one coding language to another.


Another programmer shared that he uses ChatGPT to write more advanced liquid code snippets that his clients may implement on their websites to perform tasks like product filtering, membership program creation, and interaction tracking.


4. In the capacity of a butler

The software is used for data entry, email management, and other administrative activities in addition to accelerating critical operations.


“I’m encouraged by the rapid growth of ChatGPT in corporate settings in recent months. Abdullah Prem, CEO of Bloggersneed, called it “an fascinating discovery that undoubtedly has the potential to alter the way people work.”


Bloggersneed’s founder, Abdullah Prem, tells. that the chatbot helps him work more efficiently and spends less time on mundane tasks. Prem believes that in the next years, ChatGPT will alter fundamental procedures at his company and redefine the way people operate in all industries.


5. In order to compose electronic mail

Employees have also started using ChatGPT to get through one of the least favorite activities in the workplace: sending emails.


With the AI tool, Luke Lovelady, an ad developer for BlueOptima in Arizona, can send highly targeted, automated cold emails. Lovelady will provide ChatGPT a prompt with information about a prospect depending on who he is emailing. Then he’ll have it compose an AIDA-based email with a call to action (CTA) for him.


The Arizona sales rep also utilizes the software to generate fresh cold calling scripts by providing it with information about potential consumers, such as simple value propositions, compelling hooks, and problems they may be experiencing.

The program is not only a huge help in terms of saving time, but it is also handling the monotonous tasks. He claims the technology is saving him between one and two hours per day by eliminating the need for him to think about, organize, and compose outreach materials.


6. Making a copy

Lauren Van Woerden, a content specialist at the advertising agency Ollo Metrics, uses ChatGPT whenever she is tasked with SEO authoring in her role. Worden says she gets the best results from her copywriting tools and techniques when she uses extremely specific, explicit instructions, and that doing so reduces her copywriting time by 30–40 percent.


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