What is RWS and How to Get It?

What is RWS and How to Get It?

With the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), brands and customers may have confidence that the wool products they buy or sell are in line with their beliefs.

Sheep and the land they graze on are the focus of the RWS, a voluntary global standard. The RWS gives businesses a clear answer to make statements about their wool source with confidence, as it verifies farm-level procedures.

An international working group created the standard in an open and transparent manner.


What are the Advantages for You?

The RWS provides a clear solution for brands that want to make statements about their wool sourcing with confidence, providing verification of farm-level practices.

Farms and businesses that acquire and sell items containing RWS-certified wool are the intended users of the RWS.


What the RWS Aims to Accomplish

Give the industry a way to recognize farmers who are doing things right.

Make certain that the sheep’s wool comes from farms that practice progressive land management, holistic respect for the welfare of the sheep, and adherence to the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

As certified materials make their way down the supply chain, make sure the chain of custody is solid.


What is the RWS’s Purpose?

The RWS requires all locations to be certified, from the wool producers to the final business-to-business transaction.

The final stage of certification is usually the clothes manufacturer or brand. Retailers (business-to-consumer) are not required to be certified.

To certify farms, the RWS Animal Welfare, Land Management, and Social Modules are employed. The Content Claim Standard’s standards are confirmed at higher stages of the supply chain. If you want to get certified in the RWS, click the apply button on our page.


How to Get RWS Certified?

As consumers become increasingly conscious of where their wool comes from, brands and retailers need to guarantee that their wool suppliers are adhering to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

Sheep farmers can turn to RWS, a nonprofit organization, for help in achieving consumer, retailer, and brand expectations.

Animal welfare and environmental stewardship are among the criteria that must be met for certification. It is supported by H&M, Kering, Patagonia, and the Outdoor Industry Association, among others.

IG provides accreditation of highly qualified auditors that have extensive experience in animal welfare inspections and are situated around the world to support sheep farms.

For us, environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing procedures in the textile sector are essential tenets of our business model. Once you’ve been certified, our team provides support to help you publicize your certification and sustainable accomplishments.



Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is an independent, non-binding standard developed by the Responsible Wool Standard Foundation (RWS). On the farm, RWS certification assures that sheep receive five-star free treatment and that the best standards in land management and protection are ensured.

Certification ensures that the farm’s wool is correctly identified and tracked during the processing step.

This voluntary global standard focuses on sheep care and land management techniques, giving companies with important distinctiveness and comprehensive wool traceability. The following are the standards’ goals:

Develop tools for the agricultural industry to determine the optimum farming practices;

Make sure the wool is from a reputable source;

Protecting soil health, biodiversity, and native species is a top priority for farmers.

You can contact us to get certified.

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