Proficiency Testing – PT ISO/IEC 17043:2010

      • – Construction Materials
      • – Metallic Materials
      • – Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
      • – Customized PT Programs
  • Management System Certification – ISO 17021-1Inspeed Global – IG, is a worldwide conformity assessment company accredited by the American Accreditation Association and the Perry Johnson Laboratories provides a wide range of services including:
    • – Quality Management Systems ISO 9001
    • – Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001
    • – Health & Safety Management Systems ISO 45001
    • – Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems ISO 13485
    • – Information Security Management Systems ISO/IEC 27001
    • – Information Technology Management Systems ISO/IEC 20000
    • – Business Continuity Management Systems ISO 22301
    • – Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000
    • – Energy Management Systems ISO 50001
    • – Cosmetics GMP ISO 22716
    • – Management System for Educational Organizations ISO 21001
    • – Supply Chain Security Management Systems ISO 28000
  • ISO 9001 Software by Inspeed Global
  • Halal Certification
  • Training
  • Business Solutions
Our Message

Our Message

Our Message:

People deserve better quality.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision:

Improving the quality and standards of work, health and psychological well-being for a better world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission:

Is to spread awareness and improve the competencies of humans in reaching high quality standards in different work and life scopes through educating, training and certification. Our commitment to quality helps us enable individuals and institutions reach higher goals on personal and corporate levels while improving the overall standards of life and work.

Our services are:
  • – Fast
  • – Accurate
  • – Reliable
Inspeed Global’s products, services & content can help you:
  • – Develop yourself
  • – Improve your company status
  • – Level up your career
  • – Enrich your competencies
  • – Elevate brand image
  • – Improve work efficiency
  • – Build revenue
  • – Exploit new markets especially export
  • – Compete effectively
Inspeed global can help all types of organizations and professionals such as
  • – Small to medium businesses
  • – Large corporations
  • – Factories
  • – Governmental Institutions
  • – Schools
  • – Labs
  • – Hospitals
  • – Universities
  • – Hotels
  • – Individuals
  • – Assessors
  • – Auditors

Why choose IG PT programs?

After a massive successful performance in 2019 & 2020 in organizing of the proficiency testing programs and accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17043.

The First accredited PT provider (ISO/IEC 17043) by the US accreditation body PJLA.

1020 participating laboratories worldwide in 2019 & 2020.

More than 112 PT programs annually

Statistical evaluation according to the latest international standards (ISO 13528& ISO 5725 1-6)

Flexibility to organize customized PT programs according to the labs’ needs.)

Less than 20 days turnaround time for most of our PT reports.

Highly committed to schedules and quick reply for technical questions

Full member of the European PT Information System (EPTIS).



Why choose IG PT programs
Why we do it
  • In the ever changing dynamics of the world, and even before the Covid19 pandemic hit, the majority of the working class is witnessing a lot of pressure from work loads and other societal challenges. This pressure is being transferred to the families in forms of tolerance requirements, support and sometimes co-working.

    Everyone needs a break, but most people cant afford to do that.

    Then came the Covid19 pandemic with even more challenges and more concerns. Now people don’t just need to be productive to survive, they need to be extra cautious, more productive while working from home and above all they need to stay strong. Strong in mental and physical health regardless of all the uncertainties around them be that financial, social, even survival uncertainties.

    What we at Inspeed Global decided to do is to ease the process of people during these tough , challenging times. It is true, that taking a real break has become a luxury, however, improving the quality of work and life can still be attained through different approaches.

    This approach defines IG’s vision. We are committed to quality, all types of qualities. Qualities of technical aspects of work through our ISO consultation, training and certification from one hand, and qualities of general aspects of both life and work through our dedicated content that will help people in better adapting to the mentioned uncertainties. We strive to participate in creating a better world through elevating the qualities of work and life for people and institutions by investing our knowledge, expertise and most importantly our strong commitment to availing & improving quality standards.
    Inspeed Global was found because people deserve better quality.