Quality software


Our quality management software provides a central system for all your ISO 9001: 2015 system plans, processes and reports. Documents, risks, competence, external providers and improvement are all managed centrally.

Our software offers a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities that can manage issues of quality management quite easily. It is a powerful solution that can help you passing the stringent quality standards. We assure that the auditors will be fully satisfied with your quality standards.

ISO 9001 Software solution is built upon a framework that incorporates the methodologies and processes associated with the ISO 9001 QMS requirements. IG Software contains processes related to Document Control, Corrective and Preventive Action, Audit Management, Employee Training, and the various other processes within the ISO 9001 standard.



Make the process paperless: When you achieve ISO in a paperless manner, it means you achieve it efficiently and with zero error. Forget about cumbersome excel sheets and loads of Word documents printed and stacked in the cabinets or stored in server / computers. Transform your organization into a smart, new-age company with real-time, online access to every bit of the data related to ISO implementation. Our software makes all your core processes hassle free and fast by offering workflow based systems for approvals. Email alert, notification and automate escalation are the main features.

Compliance: Our software solutions are the one-stop solution for ISO certification that goes over and above ISO 9001 implementation requirements. We help in achieving the compliance with utmost ease by automating the processes. Our modules have all necessary features that not only make the process simple but make you fully compliant with the corresponding ISO Standard. We bring success in the first attempt by providing robust and up to the mark software support.

Quality software