About us

Inspeed Global – IG, is a worldwide conformity assessment company that provides a wide range of services including;

IG offices and collaboration agreements are covering the whole regions of the world, for our main purpose is to be close to our customers everywhere.

IG main strategic view is based on

IG Message
Once Certified Globally Recognized
IG Vision
To be one of the best and leading conformity assessment companies in the world specially in Proficiency Testing PT, Personal Certification and Inspection.
IG Mission
Inspeed Global - IG - is a worldwide company that has international offices in different regions and working under the values of Accuracy, Speed, Integration & Collaboration and Transparency, to delver to its valuable and honorable customers the service of conformity assessment that includes (Proficiency Testing PT, Inspection, Personal Certification, Management System Certification, Halal Certification, Training, Business Solutions and Quality Software)
IG Values
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Integration & Collaboration
  • Trancparency

Why you choose IG ?