ISO 26000

ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

IG can support you in understanding the purpose of ISO 26000 and how you can improve the sustainable development of your company. Our experts provide ISO 26000 verification, gap assessment, training in social responsibility and translate the key principles of ISO 26000 into effective actions. Furthermore, we inform you of best practices relating to socially responsible behavior.

Benefits of ISO 26000 Services
  1. Contribute to sustainable development, including the health and welfare of society.
  2. Develop a consistent and thought-through social responsibility strategy tailored to your needs thanks to our professionally trained Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) and multi-disciplinary team.
  3. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and international norms of behavior.
  4. Gain verification of your social responsibility actions compliance.
Our services include
  • ISO 26000 training to better understand the corporate social esponsibility guidelines.
  • Gap assessment, evaluating social responsibility principles, fundamental practices and core subjects.
  • Strategy development to attain conformance with ISO 26000 guidelines.
  • Verification of compliance, in the form of a detailed report rather than a certificate, as the ISO 26000 standard is non-certifiable.

With the support of our experts, you can be sure that your organization is on the right path to a more sustainable development.

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ISO 37001

Corporate commitment to exemplary business ethics is a critical part of any reputable and successful organization. Trust is a powerful tool to build and maintain a positive image with business partners and authorities, as well as consumer confidence. We provide ISO 37001 certification to demonstrate your dedication to implementing and maintaining a compliant and effective anti-bribery management system in support of overarching principled business practices. The ISO 37001:2016 international standard can be applied to distinguish and protect a wide range of organizations of all sizes in both public and private sectors around the world. Certification according to ISO 37001 proves your responsible approach to ensure ethical business practices and procedures throughout your organization to gain trust and confidence throughout your entire value chain as well as strengthen your brand in competitive markets.

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ISO 28000


ISO 28000 (supply chain security management systems) The ISO 28000: supply chain security management systems standard can protect your goods from point of manufacturing to point of sale. As global trade expands, so do the opportunities for criminal elements to infiltrate your supply chain. Reduce the risks with ISO 28000 certification. Supply chain security management systems based on the ISO 28000 certification standard identify the risk levels across your supply chain operations. This information then enables your organization to carry out risk assessments and apply the necessary controls with supporting management tools (i.e. document controls, key performance indicators, internal audit and training). An ISO 28000 audit from IG enables your supply chain security management system to be managed as a business process and its effectiveness to be measured and improved. This means resources can be focused on areas with high-risk concerns. It is also possible to benchmark against international standards. It will also help your organization link security management to many other aspects of your business activities. Our ISO 28000 audit will look at all activities controlled or influenced by organizations that impact your supply chain security, including transportation of goods along the supply chain. We can audit your organization’s systems against the ISO 28000 standard performing a gap analysis and if desired taking you through the full certification process.

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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

What is ISO 22301? ISO 22301 Security resilience- Business continuity management system, is an international certification by International standard organization ISO. It is used for many purposes, such as customer trust, business reliability, trade stocks and more and this can be obtained through diminishing most of the business threats, having a clear vision through observing previous analysis and creating more accurate reports so that the business does not fail and continues in line with the ever changing market dynamics and associating technologies. What are the benefits of ISO22301 business continuity planning standard certificate? ISO22301 can help you in below criteria:

  1. Better Fulfillment of the rules and regulations and the code of conduct within a firm.
  2. Reducing business risks after or during an incident/accident
  3. Ensuring maximum safety during unpredictable events
  4. Improve company reputation and brand image.
  5. Reduce losses when accidents take place.
  6. Improve financial and risk management.
  7. Earn confidence within the business.

Who needs and will benefit from ISO 22301? It is intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, regardless of type, size and nature of the organization. How to receive ISO 22301 business continuity planning standard certificate? To understand the of the ISO 22301implementation project, you must meet the requirements listed in this standard and applicable in your organization. This can be a little tough at first, but with the right exposure to guidelines and training things become much easier. There are actually abundance of consultants who can make this process not only possible but relatively easy. To have a better understanding of ISO 22301 implementation project, you may need to improve the process requirements listed in this standard, and that is why you need Conformity Assessment Bodies like Inspeed Global to guide you into the process of creating better quality into your management system. There is a public misguidance about the fee, some may assume ISO certification is expensive but it’s not the case, paying the cost of implementation, training and receiving ISO certificate, brings long-term sustainable values for companies that surpasses the original investment made. In other terms, anyone who invests in ISO certification by meeting its standard is a winner. ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management System) ISO 22301 is an international framework that has been developed to help businesses identify potential threats to critical business functions and design a business continuity management plan. The standard helps companies build effective backup systems and processes to safeguard against theft, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks and other extraordinary incidents. ISO 22301 specifies the requirements to plan, implement, monitor, review and improve a company’s business continuity management system, thereby minimizing the impact of disruptions. WHY IS ISO 22301 BUSINESS CONTINUITY CERTIFICATION IMPORTANT? ISO 22301 certification provides formal business continuity guidelines that will keep your organization operational during and following a disruption. It seeks to minimize the impact to critical business functions, ensuring they are still capable of being delivered or recovered promptly. The ISO 22301 standard is applicable for companies of all sizes across any industry, particularly those operating in high risk or complex environments where the ability to function without delay is of paramount importance. ISO 22301 business continuity certification also helps you avoid loss of revenue and customers should a major problem

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