10 Blogs About Marketing for a Successful Strategy

10 Blogs About Marketing for a Successful Strategy

Digital marketing is an ever-changing sector, so it’s critical to stay up to date with the latest developments. It’s impossible to predict the impact of a new Google algorithm update on your marketing campaign.

There is no alternative text for this picture. Digital Marketing is on the rise, as evidenced by the graph above, courtesy of Google Trends.

When it comes to marketing, there are numerous variables to consider. To be successful, you must keep abreast of the most recent marketing news and research, both of which they make available to their readers.

Excellent resources are available to the most successful marketers, allowing them to offer great outcomes that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

These 10 blogs about marketing will offer you the knowledge you need to succeed in marketing. They include everything you need to know about marketing, from the latest trends in advertising to the best ways to use social media to stand out from the crowd.


1.  HubSpot

They’ve been around for a long time, and they’ve become one of the biggest names in marketing. Each of HubSpot’s two blogs is geared toward slightly distinct audiences: marketing and sales.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can browse their entire list of blog topics to find even more useful information.

With three different blogs, you can publish something new every day. They must have a wide variety of guest bloggers (along with their own staff) who can provide a wide range of opinions and experiences. Finally, HubSpot’s blog sets the bar for inbound marketing, and we’re pretty convinced their blog is a lead-generating machine.


2. Content Marketing Institute

New articles are published every day even on weekends and holidays by the Center for Media Innovation (CMI). The series “This week in content marketing” is a big hit since it discusses the most recent content marketing news and events.

“Current Hits” and “All Time Hits” are two separate categories for their most popular blogs. In the same way that HubSpot publishes on a regular basis, they have a wide variety of writers who offer advice and insight. Distractions include the social widget in the left margin, which prevents you from scrolling through the material.


3. Mention

Mention’s blog has a search box, consistently featured images on entries, and clearly labeled categories at the top of the page. There is a “Most Popular” and “Startup Life” section to see what other readers think is most significant for each category.

For example, Mention displays an estimated reading time for each article’s featured image.

How-to-style posts are common, which makes it simple to put what you’ve learned to use. Even blogs that aren’t explicitly how-tos frequently have a conclusion section that aids you in putting what you’ve learned to good use in your own life.


4. Autopilot

On Autopilot’s Liftoff blog, everything is neatly laid out. If you’re looking for an excellent marketing automation platform, this site has a search bar and publishes several times every week.

Check out Autopilot, if you’re looking for a marketing automation platform. Lead nurturing and onboarding are a breeze with their graphic journeys!


5. Google Ads Blog

This is the official Google Ads blog, where you’ll find updates, advice, and other useful information on the company’s advertising platform. They don’t publish very often, but when they do, you can count on it being filled with useful information.

Why wouldn’t you want to read the content from the original source if you’re advertising with Google Ads?


6. Buffer

Buffer is a social media publishing powerhouse. The graphics on their site are huge and bold, making them easy to post on social media. They keep their writing light and humorous while yet delving deep into the statistics when necessary and doing an excellent job of analyzing that data.

Blog posts also explore significant companies or persons who are using social media and break down what they are doing effectively in this area (and sometimes where they could improve). As a result, anyone can take the information and use it in their own approach (smaller case studies, for example).


7. CoSchedule

About the regular blog, you’ll find posts on blogging best practices and content marketing, as well as case studies of successful firms that you can learn from.

The company’s product blog, on the other hand, highlights new features and inventive ways to use the product.

They also use brackets around “new features” in their blog titles so that visitors know that a particular piece is announcing something new that they may use.


8. SEMrush

Digital marketers can use this tool from these intelligence experts to get competitor data. However, don’t be misled by the term. They’re also professionals in SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing in addition to SEM.

Every day, they post at least one piece to their blog, and sometimes they’ll post more than one. To educate readers, articles tend to focus on how-to and “what-is” issues.

Many of the articles are aimed at educating their readers at the very top of the funnel. As a result, readers will be able to put the advice to use and improve their position in the market.


9. CXL

There is no better resource for testing and experimentation than CXL. Peep Laja and CXL have been mentioned numerous times in our own articles. Peep and his team of writers always deliver high-quality content. Local writers Alex Birkett and Shanelle Mullin provide guidance that both newcomers to the market and seasoned veterans can use to their advantage.

As far as conversion optimization is concerned, they’re without a doubt the go-to people in today’s marketing sphere.


10. G2 Crowd Learn Hub

The G2 Crowd crew has a wealth of information to draw on when it comes to writing blog posts. Their team is creating “how-to” and “beginning guides” such as “What is social media marketing?” and “How to start a business,” as well as software-specific material and best software lists.

Among the topics covered on their blog are a wide range of technical subjects as well as themes like marketing, sales, and design, as well as topics like productivity. It has a steady flow of guest bloggers from the SaaS business.



If you want to advance in the marketing field, these blogs will give you the confidence and expertise you need. From advertising ideas to social media recommendations that will put you ahead of your competitors, these 10 blogs about marketing got you covered!

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